About Tashi

Ta-shi /Tah, shee/; noun; Tashi is a Tibetan word meaning “good fortune” or “auspicious”.

Tashi is the jewelry brand designed and created by Amy Gordon. It is inspired by her unique and boho-influenced style that blends gorgeous stones and findings from all over the world into stunning looks to up anyone’s style game. Amy loves to utilize color in beautiful and unusual combinations to evoke various feelings from peace, calm, energy, and fun.

Amy’s love of creating jewelry started at a young age. She began making and selling jewelry at 11 years old and continued this endeavor throughout high school and college. After stepping away from it for quite some time and working in fashion, Amy came back to her roots and Tashi was born.

Amy has been a trusted and recognized Style Expert for many years who was sought after by clients and media alike for her timely fashion advice. She has been featured in numerous print, television, online, and radio outlets for her practical, yet fashion forward style advice.

Now, you can shop her jewelry collection right here and take advantage of Amy’s expertise to get the perfect accessiories designed with love by Amy. Amy is happy to create custom designs. Go to our contact page to get in touch or just say hi.